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Within Obsession and Lies

Power. Obsession. Lies.

Other people dream of being special. They wouldn’t, if they knew what a nightmare it is.


Arawyn would give anything to be ordinary and rid herself of the power that lives inside her. Dangerous and alluring, it’s caused nothing but pain and horror, making her the dark obsession of anyone who gets too close.

After years of barely containing it, Arawyn thought she had control… until the night it bursts free and pulses like a beacon.

As threats emerge from the shadows, each one more fixated on her than the last, she finds her life infiltrated by three mysterious men.

A mafia boss, a psychopath, and a killer.

Rathe, Viper, and Fear are much more than they seem. They taste of power and feel impossibly familiar. They call to her soul in a way she’s never experienced and might have answers to questions she’s been asking her entire life.

But darkness and secrets surround them, ones covered in blood and mire.

When the monsters stalking her endanger not only her power but her life, she’ll have to make a decision: take a risk and let these dangerous men in, or do what she’s always done—walk away and try to survive on her own.

Trusting them would be a mistake. Yet, she may not have a choice.

The monsters hunting her aren’t human and they’re out for blood. Rathe, Viper, and Fear might be her only chance of making it through this alive.

There’s only one problem. They aren’t human either…



From bestselling authors, Stacy Jones and Harper Wylde, comes a darkly seductive new series that blends romance, danger, and the supernatural into an unforgettable read.

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"While the love scenes are interesting, the best parts are when Lily has to learn this new world. She also begins to leave her life on Earth behind as she begins to adore her males. We can see the way she sheds her clothes as a symbol for leaving Earth, Earth behavior and Earth food behind. I enjoyed every moment that she spent discovering the way the world and the male's society."

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The author showcases great world building talent and imagination in creating this alien planet and its various inhabitants. I also love how each relationship was able to form and develop despite then being unable to truly talk to one another. This book sucked me in incredible fast and I already have the second in the series bought and waiting to be read

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As a first time reader of one of her book's I was so not disappointed and will be reading more of her work in the future.
This is a quick, fast paced, action packed read that in the end will leave you with a HEA smile.
Will definitely be reading more of this series, and would recommend it to Gargoyle lover's everywhere.
Well done Ms Jones.

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About Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones is an award winning author with an obsession for all things science fiction, romance, and adventure. She adores creating strange, wondrous worlds and watching her characters come to life. She can usually be found typing frantically on her laptop, dancing like a crazy person with her son, or cuddling with her husband.