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March News

Happy Spring!

I hope everyone is doing well. Harper and I finished A Court of Gilt and Shadow Book 3, Amidst Secrets and Shadows! It’s available for pre-order now and will go live March 23rd. I hope you love this book as much as Harp and I loved writing it!

On a personal note, my husband was recently diagonsed with ALS, an incurable and fatal neuromuscular disease. It’s strange to go from pepping y’all up about the upcoming release to talking about my husband dying, but I’m coming to learn life is often abrupt and unexpected. Harper was generous enough to organize a GoFundMe to help my family with the financial trials that come with adjusting to and fighting such a cripling disease. As hard as it is to ask for help, she was kind enough to do this, so I can be brave enough to share it. Life is hard these days, for a lot of us, but if you’re able to donate, my family and I would be forever grateful. If you’re not, sharing the link on social media makes a huge difference.

As always, wishing you health, happiness, and good books,


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Mar 08

When will native, fallen, the aria series be released on audio?

Mar 08
Replying to

I love the books, but I really want them on audible.

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