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12 Days of XXX-Mas Giveaways!

We hope everyone had fun and found some new reads to enjoy. Our winners have been notified and prizes are on there way. Thank you to everyone who participated for all you support, and please check back often for upcoming giveaways. 

*Below is a list of each author with links to their books.

XXXMas 1.jpg

On the 1st Day of XXX-Mas

My Giveaways!

Are you in my group yet? Come join the fun.

On the 2nd Day of XXX-Mas

Leslie Chase

Come follow Leslie on facebook for info on her latest releases. 


On the 3rd Day of XXX-Mas

Loki Renard

Find Loki on facebook here.

On the 4th Day of XXX-Mas

Honey Phillips

Find Honey on facebook here.


On the 5th Day of XXX-Mas

Ava Ross

Find Ava on facebook here.

On the 6th Day of XXX-Mas

Nancey Cummings

Find Nancey on facebook here.


On the 7th Day of XXX-Mas

Kyra Snow

Find Kyra on facebook here.

On the 8th Day of XXX-Mas

Zoe Ashwood

Find Zoe on facebook here.


On the 9th Day of XXX-Mas

Krista Luna

Find Krista on facebook here.

On the 10th Day of XXX-Mas

Stephanie West

Find Stephanie on facebook here.


On the 11th Day of XXX-Mas

Eva Priest

Find Eva on facebook here.

On the 12th Day of XXX-Mas

Jade Waltz

Find Jade on facebook here.

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