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November News!

Happy November!!

Fallen has already earned two orange tags, #1 New Release in Crime & Mystery Science Fiction and #1 Bestseller in Action & Adventure Romance which are… odd categories but Amazon is weird sometimes and I’m still pumped about it. Thank you so much to everyone who’s read and reviewed!!

HARDBACKS: I’m working with a couple different artists to create exclusive hardback covers for the entire Chosen Series. The covers for Fallen and the next book in this series, Found, are already complete. Backwards, I know, but Chosen will be next!

AUDIOBOOKS: My usual narrator for this series will be taking the year off to welcome her first baby into the world, which is amazing!! But we all know by now patience isn’t my strong suit SO I’m going to try my hand—or voice—at narrating. My plan is for them to still be duet, with a male narrator reading the MMC parts, and I’m super excited to see how they turn out.

WORKS IN PROGRESS: Along with Found, Harper Wylde and I are hard at work on A Court of Gilt and Shadow Book 3, Amidst Secrets and Shadows. In between those, I’m sneaking in time on a new contemporary RH. Not my usual genre, but the story came to me in a dream, and I haven’t been able to shake it.

I think that’s all the news for right now!

Wishing y’all happy reading,

Stacy Jones

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